June 27, 2024
Kinder- Frauen- und Hautklinik, Heicumed Trakt +
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The AIH-ELLIS "Meet Your Scientific Hero" Research Seminar Series called upon regional researchers to nominate their favorite AI visionaries from around the world to give a keynote presentation. Through this program, seven AI experts will give a talk in the Heidelberg- Mannheim community. 

For this second talk of the series, join Dr. Christoph Schwarz (AI Clinician Scientist) in welcoming his scientific heroes, Dr. David van Laere, MD, and Dr. Charlie Beirnaert. We look forward to their talk, Development of a Machine Learning Model for Late-onset Sepsis Prediction in Preterm Infants: A Journey of Inter-professional Collaboration from the Idea towards a Licensed Medical Product, and an afternoon of exciting scientific exchange!  

Invited Speakers

David van Laere, a renowned consultant neonatologist at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, and Charlie Beirnaert, a machine learning expert holding a Master's degree in Physics from the same university, collaborated on the innovative concept of predicting sepsis using patient sensor data. Their partnership combined Dr. Van Laere's medical expertise with Dr. Beirnaert's proficiency in signal analysis and machine learning, resulting in the development of the first performant machine learning model for neonatal sepsis prediction. This model evolved into a comprehensive software solution assisting neonatal intensive care professionals in their decision-making processes. Subsequently, their interdisciplinary collaboration led to the establishment of Innocens, a company working towards certifying the software as a medical device.



Spaces are limited - so please register early. We look forward to your registrations by June 27.

Kinder- Frauen- und Hautklinik, Heicumed Trakt +
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