2-4 December 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone


List of speakers (ordered by session)

Academia vs Industry

Dr. Haniyeh Yazdanparast (Project Manager for Clinical Trials, NCT)

Dr. Elias Eckert (Senior Consultant, EY-Parthenon)

Dr. Frauke Leitner (Scientific Project Manager & Technology Advisor, EMBL)

Dr. Roman Ladig (Scientific Project Manager, DKFZ)


PM in Academia

Dr. Sandra Bühler (Project Manager, University Hospital Heidelberg)

Dr. Ulrike Hardeland (Scientific Project Manager, DKFZ)

Dr. Rogier Gaiser (Project Manager, DKFZ)

Dr. Rafael Martinez Gallegos (Laboratory Manager, University Heidelberg)


PM in Industry

Dr. Ana Mijuskovic (Clinical Project Lead, KCR) 

Dr. Annalisa Zuccotti (Communications and events lead, BioRN Cluster Rhine Neckar)

Dr. Kortine Kleinheinz (R&D IT Project Manager, Bayer)


Climbing up the hierarchy

Dr. Tobias Schafmeier (Head of Unit Research Management, Helmholtz-Zentrum München)

Dr. Ruth Merkle (Global Project Manager, Roche Diagnostics)

Sebastian Weingart (Inhouse Consulting Global Graduate Program, Merck KGaA)