8-10 June 2022
German Cancer Research Center / Communication Center
Europe/Berlin timezone


The IPSCC 2022 will host 4 career-oriented workshops, aiming at providing additional tools for the participating students to develop their future careers:

  • Becoming an academic group leader: The path towards establishing your own lab – Priya Chudasama (Junior Group Leader at DKFZ)

    The journey from completing your PhD to having your own group can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Together with Dr. Priya Chudasama, an Emmy Noether-Junior Group Leader at DKFZ, we will have a two discussion rounds covering different phases of career in academia. The first part of this discussion round will cover aspects accompanying path towards an independent group, including formal requirements, skills, funding options, and other important considerations. The second part will touch upon challenges in the early phase of establishing your own group, leadership, networking, and beyond.

  • Mindfulness and resilience – Sonja Noss (Facilitator and Coach)

    As a Facilitator and Coach, Sonja Noss is determined to bring out the best in her clients. She specialises in mindfulness-based interventions around topics of stress and resilience - particularly in highly technical high-performance international environments.
    This workshop will introduce a mindfulness-based approach on how to increase stress resilience. It will offer a short evidence-based theoretical framework, helping participants understand the underlying mechanisms around why we re/act the way we do when stressed, and what it means, in turn, to be resilient. The learnings will be anchored through visceral experience, so get ready to participate in small groups, bring in your own experience, share ideas – and, of course, to try out mindfulness-based practices. Anyone is welcome – no prior experience required.  


  • Scientific Entrepreneurship – Young Entrepreneurs in Science

    Explore your entrepreneurial potential to innovate in our 2-hours onsite workshop. YES coaches introduce entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as alternative paths to your academic career. Reflect on your skills together with other researchers of diverse fields of discipline.
    - Input: Introduction to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
    - Peer coaching: How much entrepreneur is in you?
    - Networking: Meet other researchers and talk about your professional perspectives after the PhD


  • Scientific Networking – Julia Schönbrunn (Social Network Expert and Change agent)

    Networking is an essential soft skill that is required during and post PhD. Dr Julia Schoenbrunn’s offer is tailored to include the personality type of people, rather than general networking tactics. This workshop also includes networking in the modern, virtual, post pandemic era. This workshop is unique in what it offers to PhD students and it is very informative for early stage researchers. It will enable you to gain key soft skills early in your career which is highly advantageous for efficient career progression. 


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For updates and more details on the workshops please also check the IPSCC Website Programme page.