73rd Heidelberg Grand Round - Inflammation and Cancer








This year, the NCT Heidelberg is again organizing several Heidelberg Grand Rounds. The format is aimed at clinicians as well as  researchers and provides a platform for effective scientific exchange. Recognized experts will present the latest clinical and research results in selected oncological fields.

We look forward to welcoming you to the virtual conference room.  

Please note that the time indicated corresponds to Central European Time (CET/CEST).


Prof. Mathias Heikenwälder
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) 

Participation is free of charge. Registration online is possible until 27 March. 

Thanks to our sponsor: 

Janssen-Cilag GmbH – 500 €

The NCT Heidelberg is a joint institution of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) and German Cancer Aid (DKH).

Organizer: Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD)
Event language: English

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    • 16:00 16:30
      How suicide pathways trigger HCC 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Tom Lüdde (University Hospital of Düsseldorf (UKD) )
    • 16:30 17:00
      Macrophages at the interface of inflammation and fibrosis in the liver 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Frank Tacke (Hospital Charité Berlin)
    • 17:00 17:30
      Chronic liver inflammation and DNA damage 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Achim Weber (University Hospital Zurich)
    • 17:30 18:00
      Individualized medicine in CCA 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Verena Keitel-Anselmino (University Hospital Magdeburg )