Welcome to the virtual workshop on RECIST in the era of AI, RADIOMICS and beyond!

A multidisciplinary interactive session arranged by Cancer Core Europe’s Imaging Task Force in collaboration with the Education & Training Task Force.

Main aims

  • Provide the basics regarding RECIST and related imaging-based criteria for treatment evaluation in oncology, 
  • Discuss evaluation challenges using imaging-based criteria particularly in multicenter studies/clinical trials, 
  • Introduction to Radiomics and its potential when using targeted therapies and immunotherapy.

Main target groups

  • Radiologists
  • Oncologists
  • Other interested colleagues from the Cancer Core Europe centers


  • Prof Lennart Blomqvist, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm
  • Dr Mireia Crispin, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  • Dr Vitali Grozman, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm
  • Dr Ferry Lalezari, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
  • Dr Raquel Perez-Lopez, Vall d’ Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona
  • Dr Chikako Suzuki, Södersjukhuset, Stockholm
  • Dr Marta Vaiani, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milano

Registration deadline: October 1, 2023

Please be aware that the number of participants is limited. Priority is given to participants from the 7 Cancer Core Europe centers (www.cancercoreeurope.eu).

Jointly hosted and organised by the following Cancer Core Europe centers:

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre; Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan; National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg and the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg; Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm; the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam; and Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona.



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Registration for this event is currently open.