December 12, 2022
German Cancer Research Center / Communication Center
Europe/Berlin timezone

Monday, 12 December 2022, 9 am – 5 pm, INF 280, DKFZ communication center, lecture hall




The meeting should provide insight into the progress of the individual projects and thus also into the development of the overall project. Preferably, PostDocs and PhD students should be given the opportunity to present. Since method development pipelines are already well-advanced, the focus of the meeting is mainly on the elaboration of projects of clinical and biological questions or their publishable units. We’ll have parallel sessions for strategic and project-related discussions and offer the opportunity for personal networking.

Oral presentation are of 15 minutes plus 5 minutes time for discussion

9:00    SMART-CARE: Current status
           Jeroen: introduction
           Roman: administrative update
9:15    Block 1 (20 min each)
           Clinics: Team Müller-Tidow
           Clinics: Team Dietrich
           MassSpec: Team Hell
           Computational: Team Saez-Rodriguez
10:35  Coffee break
11:05  Block 2 (20 min each)
           Clinics: Team Grünewald
           MassSpec: Team Krijgsveld
           Computational: Team Huber
           Team Junior Research Group
12:25  Lunch Break
13:30  Block 3 (20 min each)
           Clinics: Team Winter
           MassSpec: Team Klingmüller
           Computational: Team Höfer
14:30 Block 4 (20 min each)
          Clinics: Team von Deimling and Team Schirmacher
          MassSpec: Team Hopf
          Computational: Team Knaup
15:30 Coffee Break
15:45 PI Session (H204.073) & PostDoc/PhD/Tech Session (H1.00.028)
16:30 Reporting & wrap-up (lecture hall)
17:00 End

Agenda points PI session:

  • return of invest from SMART-LDR,
  • SMART-CARE strategy for Phase 2, project synchronization
  • project “SMART-CARE data output tailored to tumor board expectations”

Agenda points PostDoc/PhD/Tech session:

  • MSCoreSys related initiatives
  • project synchronization (sample delivery, processing, data extraction, analysis, publication
German Cancer Research Center / Communication Center
Lecture Hall
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280 69120 Heidelberg Germany
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