4-15 July 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

SCiNetID Heidelberg Summer School

Spatially resolved single cell omics technologies

in development and disease

July 4-15, 2022

At EMBL, DKFZ, BioQuant and Marsilius-Arkaden

Recent technology advancements in single cell omics methods (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics) reveal molecular details of cellular heterogeneity by mapping thousands of individual cells. These approaches can be integrated with imaging technologies in spatially resolved omics to yield completely new insights into cellular functions in the context of the native tissue environment, deregulation in disease, and cellular responses to environmental influences and drug treatment. Through the Field of Focus 1 Thematic Research Network SCiNetID of Heidelberg University (https://tinyurl.com/bdeu3jcn) we contribute to the training of young researchers to advance the single cell omics expertise in our region.

The SCiNetID Heidelberg Summer School 2022 offers participants the opportunity to explore different spatially resolved and imaging-based transcriptomics and proteomics methods and technologies from Resolve Biosciences, Rebus Biosystems, Ionpath and 10x Genomics at EMBL, DKFZ and Heidelberg University core facilities. Participants will work hands-on with cell samples, learning both standard and tailored protocols, and will analyze omics data with the help of experienced bioinformaticians and computational biologists. The Summer School will close with half day mini-symposium on Friday 15 July. The program will include talks from invited expert speakers and will allow plenty of time for discussions and networking.

How to participate
The Summer school is open to PhD students and postdocs from research organizations that are part of the Single Cell Center Heidelberg (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg University Hospital, Mannheim University Hospital, DKFZ and EMBL).
Participation is limited to 12 fellows. Applications will be selected on the basis of experience and
relevance to the applicant’s research work.

Application should include
- Online application form at this link:

- CV
- Motivation letter

CV and motivation letter should be submitted as a single pdf file 

to Marzia Sidri (marzia.sidri@uni-heidelberg.de).

Please use the following file name: Surname_Name_SummerSchool22.pdf

The deadline for applications is June 15, 2022.

Participation is free of charge.

Summer school organisers

Josephine Bageritz (Heidelberg University)
Julio Saez-Rodriguez (Heidelberg University & Bioquant) Karsten Rippe (DKFZ & BioQuant)
Eileen Furlong (EMBL)
Marzia Sidri (Heidelberg University)

Additional trainers and course organisers

Vladimir Benes (EMBL)
Felix Hartmann (DKFZ)
David Ibberson (Heidelberg University) Jan-Philipp Malm (DKFZ & BioQuant) Diana Ordonez (EMBL)
Rainer Pepperkok (EMBL)

The Summer School is funded via the Field of Focus 1 Thematic Research Network SCiNetID of Heidelberg University. We are also very grateful to 10x Genomics, Resolve Biosciences, Rebus Biosystems and Ionpath for their support.

EMBL, DKFZ, BioQuant and Marsilius-Arkaden



Registration for this event is currently open.