March 6, 2023 to May 8, 2023
DKFZ - German Cancer Research Center
Europe/Berlin timezone


CareerCheck Boost for your Professional Identity - Online Program

Monday 9.30-11.30 am (March 6th - May 8th)

Week 0 - half an hour ONBOARDING (Feb 27th)
Week 1 - Your Career Vision & Mindset
Week 2 - Effective Goalsetting & Creating Your Career Plan
Week 3 - Identify your values
Week 4 - Personality assessment & Preferences
Week 5 - Skill assessment and Skill development Plan
Week 7 - Research 5 potential Career Matches
Week 8 - Informational Interviews & Networking
Week 10 - Wrap-up and next steps

One of the main challenges with career development is understanding which of the many career paths you should pursue. You tried the self-checks on CareerCheck and want to explore options?
In order to gain clarity, it is important to know your Professional Identity and align your career goals and vision with that identity, which is based on your values, skills, interests as well as your personality. Throughout this program (8 times 2h), you will also learn mindset tools to empower you in achieving your goals. To identify which potential career paths are aligned with your Professional Identity, you will follow a strategy to research and network with professionals. As a result of implementing informational interviews, you will expand your network, while developing your networking skills and gather information to make an information-based decision on your future career. Doing this work early on allows time to nurture your professional relationships and to start developing the necessary skills for that future career. Action is the keyword that will get you results!

This program is suitable for senior PhD Candidates and (bridging) Postdocs who are ready and committed to invest time and energy into making a successful career transition. Using the effective “flipped-classroom” concept, participants will have access to an online community platform, Q&A sessions, videos teaching the core concepts, and a workbook with pen & paper exercises. Participants are asked to book a brief 20-minute guidance session before and after the training via the booking calendar on .