Inspire, Connect, and Celebrate: Postdocs in the Rhein-Neckar Region - PAW event

Auditorium (German Cancer Research Center / Communication Center)


German Cancer Research Center / Communication Center

Im Neuenheimer Feld 280 69120 Heidelberg Germany

Discover Your Path to Impactful Careers: Join Us for an Empowering Event!

Are you a postdoctoral researcher looking to ignite inspiration, forge meaningful connections, and celebrate your achievements? Look no further! This engaging event is tailor-made for you.


Immerse yourself in a captivating keynote talk by Dr. Francesco Pampaloni. Delve into his groundbreaking journey through 3D cell cultures and gravitational biology. Be prepared to expand your horizons beyond Earth's boundaries!


Dive into a workshop led by Dr. Amani Said, a renowned career coach and trainer to trascend institutional barriers and connect with fellow postdocs from Heidelberg and Mannheim. Benefit from networking beyond your immediate circle and unlock the potential for exciting collaborations.


Reflect on your past achievements and future prospects as a postdoc. Join us for an enjoyable afternoon, with insightful discussions and the opportunity to forge new friendships.


Indulge in thought-provoking conversations, explore new perspectives, and savor a sense of camaraderie among your peers. This event promises to leave you inspired, connected, and filled with a renewed sense of celebration.

Ready to be a part of something exceptional? Register for the event and prepare for an enriching experience.


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Registration deadline: 12.09.23


We aim to have a family-friendly environment at the event and kids are welcome! Please let us know if you need childcare support.

The event is organized by

  • German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) - Postdoc Office, Career Service and Postdoc Network Committee
  • EMBL - Postdoc Office


Kindly supported by 

  • Research Council Field of Focus 1, Heidelberg University




To find the entire program of Postdoc Appreciation Week Germany go to

    • Talk: Where do I go from here? How to gain career clarity by Dr. Amani Said

      In order to gain clarity, it is essential to know your professional identity and align your career goals and vision with that identity, which is based on your values, skills, interests, and personality.
      As a result of creating a solid and clear Professional Identity, you will quickly identify ideal career paths and find more fulfillment in your career.

      Core content we will cover during this 1-hour talk:

      • Career Vision
      • Mindset tools
      • Identify the Value You can offer as a scientist
      • Effective goal setting
    • 2:00 PM
    • Keynote talk: My Journey Through Dimensions: from Petri Dishes to Organoids in Space by Dr. Francesco Pampaloni

      In this talk, Dr. Pampaloni will take us along on his scientific journey, which has moved from the flat world of 2D cell cultures to the three-dimensional organoids and spheroids. These „mini-organs“ bring us closer to mimicking real human tissues and allow to reduce the need for laboratory animals.
      We are now in the middle of a mini "space race," where the laboratory bench extends into near Earth orbit and beyond. Dr. Pampaloni will give us a glimpse into what is coming. But, why should we care about doing biology in space? It is not just for the cool factor. We are talking about a new perspective to understand biology, health, and how to take care of our planet and our environment.

    • 3:15 PM
    • Networking workshop - part 1 - Building Bridges in Science: Networking for collaborative success - by Dr. Amani Said

      In this workshop, Dr. Amani Said, a skilled trainer and coach, will guide you through various exercises to help you create a vibrant network of individuals who share a common vision. This network will pave the way for enduring success beyond your postdoc journey.

    • Active Networking session with snacks

      Amid this extended coffee break, postdocs will seize the opportunity to engage and connect with peers, applying the networking skills gained from the workshop. Moreover, postdoc coordinators from various institutes across Heidelberg and Mannheim will host information stands, offering insights into the resources accessible to postdocs at each institution.

    • Networking Workshop - part 2 - Building Bridges in Science: Networking for collaborative success - by Dr. Amani Said

      During this 2 hour workshop you will learn:
      How to Communicate your unique value
      How to Network effectively and confidently to build a sustainable community
      How to develop a success Mindset to level up your career & professional relationships

    • Dinner with active networking

      Enjoy with your peers the dinner sponsored by the Research Council Field of Focus One at Heidelberg University. Your evening of networking and celebration is made even more special by their generous support.