Welcome to the Qualification Workshop on Health Communication in Cancer Research, Training Module Part II 


Aim: The qualification workshop will give participants the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge acquired during the lecture module on health communication. 

To this end, participants work individually or in small groups to develop an "information product" of their choice on a cancer (prevention) research topic. The "information product" may be a presentation, a flyer, an infographic or a film - there are no limits to creativity. The "information product" will be presented to the group in a face-to-face workshop in Heidelberg and the participants will receive feedback on their work from their colleagues.

Entry requirements: PhD students or postdoctoral scientists at DKFZ and CPGS partner institutions, prior participation in the lectures as part I of the training module (75%), 10 places that can be filled by individuals or teams (max. 3 persons developing an information product together). If you know colleagues from the lecture module (part I of this course), with whom you would like to build a product team, you can get in touch with them already. If this is not the case, this can be done via a chat channel to which all workshop participants will be invited after confirmation of the registration. The places of the qualification workshop will be allocated according to the date of registration.

DKFZ employees are invited to register via the training portal.

Participants from other institutions are invited to register via the registration form on this website. 

PhD students at DKFZ will receive credits for the participation in the qualification workshop. For further details, DKFZ PhD students should refer to the training portal. 


We are looking forward to your registration!



***** Please note that this event will be held in English. *****

Preparatory meeting (online)

Content: Introduction to the Workshop
Date: 11.01.2024, 2 pm, duration 45 min
Venue: Video conference (link will be sent with confirmation of registration)

Workshop (onsite)

Content: Presentation of the self-developed "information product" to the group, including naming of the target group and their information needs, justification of the selection of the topic and the medium/channel.
Date: 13.02.2024, 9 am, duration 1 day 
Venue: DKFZ Communication Center, Room K1/K2, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69120 Heidelberg



The preparatory meeting takes place online. Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive your dial-in information.

The workshop takes place onsite in the DKFZ Communication Center, Room K1/K2, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69120 Heidelberg.






Susanne Weg-Remers, German Cancer Research Center, Cancer Information Service, Heidelberg 


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