October 18, 2023 to November 22, 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone

Welcome to the Lecture Module on Health Communication in Cancer Research

The Cancer Information Service (CIS) at DKFZ offers a new training module "Health Communication in Cancer Research". It is intended for PhD students and postdoctoral scientists at DKFZ and their partner institutions who have a particular interest in communicating knowledge generated in research to public audiences. Furthermore, the lecture module is part of the Cancer Prevention Graduate School's comprehensive training program.

The lecture module comprises 4 lectures in fall 2023 (cf. schedule below). They will provide participants with a solid basic knowledge of current (inter)national standards for evidence-based health information targeted to the public. These standards are based on insights from state-of-the-art health communication research. The lectures will also address recent developments in health communication, e.g., digital health information, information in plain / simple language, narratives, use of infographics and moving images. 


The qualification workshop will follow in February 2024. It aims to give particularly interested participants the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge acquired in the lectures. The number of participants for the workshop is limited. Regular participation in the lecture series (75%) is a prerequisite for the registration, which will separately be announced. 


The lecture module takes place via Zoom. Registration is required.


DKFZ employees are invited to register via the training portal.


Participants from other institutions are invited to register via the registration form on this website


PhD students at DKFZ will receive credits for the participation in the lecture module and credits for the participation in the qualification workshop. For further details, DKFZ PhD students should refer to the Training Portal. 


We are looking forward to your registration!



Please note that this event will be held in English. 

18.10.2023, 4 pm, duration 90 min

Susanne Weg-Remers (CIS)Basic Principles in Health CommunicationConcepts of health literacy, national standards for health communication and information provision

24.10.2023 , 4 pm, duration 90 min

Anke Ernst (CIS)Health information on the internet, social media, digital health appsDigital solutions in cancer information – chances and risks, standards, assessment of quality

08.11.2023, 4 pm, duration 90 min

Kristin Leyerer, Birgit Hiller, Susanne Weg-Remers (all CIS)Novel developments in health communication, e.g., easy language, narratives, full-moviesDigital solutions in cancer prevention communication – chances and risks, standards, assessment of quality

22.11.2023, 4 pm, duration 90 min 

Odette Wegwarth (Charité)Risk communication in cancer informationConcepts for proper risk communication, evidence-based standards for comprehensible communication of statistic data and figures (eventually external expert)

An introduction to the work of the CIS and to the concept of the training module will be presented within the lecture series Progress in Cancer Research on 12.10.2023, 9 am. Additional registration for the introductory lecture is not necessary and a participation link will be provided when your registration for the lecture module is confirmed. 


Lectures take place online. You will receive the dial-in information after submission of the registration form. 






Susanne Weg-Remers, German Cancer Research Center, Cancer Information Service, Heidelberg 


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