March 15, 2024 to June 6, 2024
German Cancer Research Center
Europe/Berlin timezone


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Feedback from 2023 participants:

“A rewarding and thought-provoking journey“
“See clearer in the jungle of different job opportunities“
“Learned how to find out what I want”
“Plenty of tools and tips invaluable to scientists at every career stage“
“Accountability group motivated me to apply strategies and goals“
“Gained awareness on my limiting beliefes and how to convert them into empowering statements“

„Thanks to the CareerBoost Program with Amani, I found what my true values are and what career path I want to follow. I was very focused on following an academic path, finding another postdoc position and reach a group leader position in academia. However, the workshop made me realise that it was not the life I wanted and it encouraged me to discover other paths, in industry. I ended up finding a Senior Scientist position in a Biotech for immunotherapies in my home country. I am so happy with the results: helping finding better treatments for cancer patients, meaning having a direct impact in the clinic and working in a field that passions me. And the best of it: being close to my family !“

Feedback from 2022 participants:

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